A Spring Breaker’s Report

Kirk   March 18, 2009   Comments Off on A Spring Breaker’s Report
(Submitted by Kevin D. McKenna, MTU Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate)
Some of these photos demonstrate that some of the companies with stands are not only responsible for some of the mess, but some are relying solely upon the blue barrels for their operations.

Monster was handing out free drinks, and the empty cases piled up. Star Trek the Movie was giving out tens of dozens of pizzas by the slice. All the plates went somewhere.

The floor in front of the lil Wayne concert was gross. The picture attached is actually probably the cleanest section but I included that photo because of the glass.

(Jason, Sten and Kevin – Michigan Tech Alternative Spring Breakers 2009)

These students used the free trash bags provided by GetAwaytotheGulf.com to keep their area of the beach clean!