Glass Half Full

Kirk   June 16, 2007   Comments Off on Glass Half Full

I really believe I’m a glass-half-full kinda’ guy, so I really don’t find too much pleasure in complaining all the time about trash and PCB’s image. I can look at this photo above, and in a glass-half-full kind of way, see that gorgeous Gulf and rush to get in the water. I can see how kids getting out of the wagon after an eight-hour drive would react to the white sand and green-blue water.
But why, oh why, does that pile of trash have to greet us? Why can’t we make sure we do not have trash? It might be a small issue compared to insurance and property taxes — which are money issues — but I see the trash and image as a money issue too. I’m not a tree-hugger trying to save the earth. I’m a marketer who believes the product of Bay County’s beaches is much, much better than the marketing behind it and the customer reps who take care of it.