K9 in Top 10

Kirk   March 14, 2008   Comments Off on K9 in Top 10

It was a little sad for me to see that pet waste is very dangerous to a beach’s health. Some may say “that should be obvious,” but unfortunately I know there is also human waste and many forms of wildlife waste on our beaches. So I thought a healthy, vaccinated dog’s waste wouldn’t be much of a problem in the whole scheme of things.

But the Surfrider Foundation provided our volunteers with “10 ways to help our oceans, waves and beaches,” and picking up after your pet was #1 on the list.

Therefore, our team went to Bay County’s new “Dog Beach” for a cleanup Thursday. Happily, they only found one instance of waste in the sand, and one in the parking lot. That’s not bad when you consider how much human waste is on our beaches too (of course they found hundreds and hundreds of cigarette butts at this public beach, which is the #1 litter component found on any beach and in any public space in America.)

PLEASE pick up after your pet wherever you go, especially at our new dog-friendly beach. Thanks as always to the Bay Families with Dogs for making Dog Beach happen.

P.S. The students were so thrilled when the PCB Police Beach Patrol found them at the far end of the beach, away from their normal Spring Break hot-spot, and reported that they were sorely missed back on Thomas Dr. It’s amazing what 30 people can do in a morning to a trashed beach!