Fireworks Cleanup Day – JULY 5

As much as I hate to see federal dollars spent on issues that should be resolved by locals, thanks to our hard working senators, we now have National Clean Beaches Week during July 4th.

Please sign up to join the first annual “ Fireworks Cleanup Day.” We’ll do it Thursday, July 5th.
All you have to do is send an email with or without your name and let me know what stretch of beach you will cover that day. I will announce through the site what parts are covered, as well as photos. Send an email to Thank you!

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One thought on “ Fireworks Cleanup Day – JULY 5

  1. Terri

    Two or three times a week, I start my day out walking the beach. It’s about 8:30am when I start out. I walk about 2 miles total. I cannot believe that the part-time residents and tourists are allowed to leave ALL their beach stuff i.e. tents, towels, chairs, sand castle building stuff, buckets, coolers, umbrellas, shell collections etc) over night on the beach. It looks like tent city. No respect. The kids dig holes down by the water and no one fills it back in. Groups of people, including the Navy, run along the water line and others like me, just walk. If you take your eyes off of the ground, in a hole you will go!!!!

    The dudes who run the Sea-Do’s think they should drive their pickups right along the waters edge and the beach walkers should KNOW when a pick up is driving up behind them and they should move out of the way. The last thing I expect when I take a walk on the beach is that I have to watch for vehicles. What is up with that???

    I am a Florida girl and I have lived on one beach or another, (Vero beach, Ft. Pierce, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Satellite Beach, Cocoa Beach) and have been to many others (Palm Beach, St. Augustine, Miami, Naples, Lido Key, Sanibel Island, Key West, Islamorada, . I HAVE NEVER…seen such disregard by the tourists, the public and the authorities. It is a disgrace. I walk from Schooners to the Pier just into the State Park. Exactly… what does the beach patrol do? Most of the beaches I mentioned don’t even have a beach patrol and yet, those beaches are clean. Why can’t the Anti-Litter campaign that started so many years ago, apply to the beaches? FINE THE SOB’s… patrol at night, patrol during the day, post signs… violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Respect public property or pay.

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