More Treasure in the Sand

Kirk   June 28, 2007   Comments Off on More Treasure in the Sand

Replacing trash with treasure is one of the goals at An article in the AJC today reports Atlanta is rich and getting richer.

The article quotes other media as well:

“Atlanta consistently ranks as a city hospitable to the rich:
• Business 2.0 reported that Atlanta “leads the nation in attracting the labor market’s most coveted demographic: college-educated workers ages 25 to 34.”
• Kiplinger’s Personal Finance said metro Atlanta is the largest U.S. city in the “married with kids” age bracket.
• Black Enterprise magazine said Atlanta and Washington are at the top of the list of “10 best cities for African-Americans.”
• Fortune said Atlanta ranks third behind New York and Houston as home to large public corporations on its Fortune 500 list, such as Home Depot, UPS and Coca-Cola.”

There are great people in Atlanta who do not know how to look beyond the “drunk-fest” image to see our amazing beaches and environment in Bay County. It’s not just about the summer vacation season either; we should be targeting businesses to have meetings, retreats and presentations down here year round. I don’t believe many Atlantans realize that on some of those cold, rainy February mornings, we have sunny 60 degree weather down here. Corporate folks love to “get away” to make big, important decisions.

We need to improve our product and image to appeal to them; it is the easiest path to improving our county’s tourism industry, and possibly Bay County’s entire economy. We should be known as “Atlanta’s Beach.”

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