K9 in Top 10

Kirk   March 14, 2008   Comments Off on K9 in Top 10

It was a little sad for me to see that pet waste is very dangerous to a beach’s health. Some may say “that should be obvious,” but unfortunately I know there is also human waste and many forms of wildlife waste on our beaches. So I thought a healthy, vaccinated… Read more »

Press On!

Kirk   March 12, 2008   Comments Off on Press On!

(Please click images to go to media websites… there are videos on all three sites, including the News Herald. I do not know how long these links will be active) Every community effort is greatly enhanced when the message is spread by the media. The student volunteers and I are… Read more »

Pitching In

Kirk   March 11, 2008   Comments Off on Pitching In

The student volunteers quickly realized we (Bay County) were not recycling this beach trash (most of it easily recycled), and so that put a new twist on our cleanup. Cleanup and recycle. What a concept. A new local company, Curbside Recycling Service, came to the rescue. They donated two large… Read more »

Day One

Kirk   March 10, 2008   Comments Off on Day One

Well, one thing’s for sure… our volunteers won’t get bored. And here are a few of them getting ready to Keep The Beach Clean! There are many benefits of a healthy lifestyle. But can remedies help us? However, there are online pharmacies that sell discount medicaments to customers who need… Read more »

Welcome to Panama City Beach, Spring Break 2008!

Kirk   February 27, 2008   Comments Off on Welcome to Panama City Beach, Spring Break 2008!

Panama City Beach will host over 50 college students this Spring Break who are volunteering to remove trash from the beaches of Bay county. The first group of students will arrive March 8, and clean the beaches through March 22. One group will come in the first weekend in April… Read more »

With my own ears…

Kirk   October 4, 2007   Comments Off on With my own ears…

At a TDC Bed Tax Committee meeting, I heard the Mayor of Panama City Beach, Ms. Gayle Oberst and County Commission Chairman Mike Nelson say that the dirty beaches (and lack of lifeguards) were at the top of the list of complaints their offices received. TDC Chairman Andy Phillips said… Read more »

Keep the Beach Fun!

Kirk   September 28, 2007   Comments Off on Keep the Beach Fun!

Congratulations to Bay Families with Dogs and the PCB City Council for designating a dog-friendly area of the beach. It will be just west of the Dan Russell City Pier (across from the new Pier Park!) My wife and our dogs will choose that spot regularly from now on! I… Read more »

Summer’s Over

Kirk   September 22, 2007   Comments Off on Summer’s Over

In the second season of trying to clean up the beaches, I made some progress by being appointed to a Tourist Development Council marketing committee, which has given me an opportunity to understand the marketing of Bay County’s Beaches. Everything is going to take some time, and I am not… Read more »