Pitching In

Kirk   March 11, 2008   Comments Off on Pitching In

The student volunteers quickly realized we (Bay County) were not recycling this beach trash (most of it easily recycled), and so that put a new twist on our cleanup.

Cleanup and recycle. What a concept.

A new local company, Curbside Recycling Service, came to the rescue. They donated two large boxes of recycling bags for the student volunteers to separate and recycle. They have a big opportunity to build a great business here in Bay County. Call Ricky at 850-271-9328 for more information.

The TDC met today, and I asked them to realize that college students can visit our beach, pick up trash for a day and quickly determine our first step needs to be prevention. More cans (at the entrances), trash bags for those who do not bring their own to the beach, and recycle bins / dumpsters at strategic locations.