Results of Alternative Spring Break Cleanup

Kirk   March 25, 2008   Comments Off on Results of Alternative Spring Break Cleanup

LSU student volunteers did a great job last week. Their immediate ideas were the same as the previous schools’… more cans, more bags, more recycle bins. Don’t allow vendors on the sand to hand out anything that will become trash on the beach. You know, more common-sense stuff you’d hope to hear from today’s brightest young minds.

Antoine, one of the volunteers who looked like a lineman on the Tiger’s National Championship D, came up with a fun idea: have a contest to see which school can turn in the most cans. Give those guys something to win, and you might have a fun way to keep the beach clean.

Regardless of all the ideas, most of us realized it will be much easier to prevent litter than to clean it up.

This is just the beginning… these students proved that there are such things as great spring breakers, and I believe they will continue to play a part in helping Bay County find better ways to preserve our most valuable asset.