Spring Break Cleanliness

Kirk   December 11, 2007   1 Comment on Spring Break Cleanliness

Spring Break is a big issue around here, and for a good reason. There is money to be made, but many of the breakers give the area a bad reputation. The media and mass public feed on the crimes and inconsideration of others, and our students give them plenty to feed on.

It has been said by many that the bad stuff is isolated, and the shows such as Court TV’s “Ocean Force” had difficulty finding juicy sins in 2007. But you can’t hide from the fact that they completely TRASH the beach.

We might not be able to control their actions, but thanks to a college-serving non-profit called Break Away, we will be getting at least 50 college students from Appalachian State, East Carolina and Florida State universities to do nothing but pick up trash and help spread the word of keeping the beach clean.

We have the main sponsor on board, but I have some really neat ideas about how other sponsors could jump in, help keep the beach clean, and meet some new potential customers in the process. Please email info@KeepTheBeachClean.com with your contact info, and I’ll email to set up an appointment.

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