Tent City on the Beach

A couple of locals have pointed out the rising amount of beach items such as tents, umbrellas and chairs that are left in the sand once the visitor leaves. These items have become so cheap that it’s easier to just leave them for “the next lucky vacationer” than take them home or dispose of them.
The tent above was on Thomas Dr. for several days during the week of the 4th. They do not get removed quickly in most cases. I guarantee you that you can go to the beach today and find an abandoned tent.

UPDATE: 07-22-07

This article was in today’s Panama City News Herald. It seems that our neighbors to the west are always more proactive about keeping the beach clean, and we need to follow their lead.

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One thought on “Tent City on the Beach

  1. Patty

    I am 100% behind the efforts to keep Panama City Beach clean!! We just returned from a week’s vacation at The Summit. Everything was wonderful until we hit the beach. Since there were lots of people on the beach, we really didn’t notice the trash. However, once we got into the water, we were amazed to find several beer cans and beer bottles floating in the surf. At first we just assumed it was probably just 1 or 2 people who had been in the water drinking and just got lazy with their trash. However, we were utterly shocked at what we saw during an early morning trip to the beach. Trash was everywhere — mounds of beer cans and miscellaneous trash strewn everywhere. Items such as pop cans, food wrappers, sandals, towels, children’s toys, and even a tent were literally covering the beach. I kept thinking that the condo must send out crews in the morning to pick the trash up but in the hour and a half that I was out there, no one every showed. My son and I took on the rather large task ourselves, filling approximately 2-3 of the blue trash cans (I KID YOU NOT!). It took us well over an hour but it looked great (and we felt great) when it was done! If there are crews that do clean those beaches and it was just a matter of timing, I’m sure they were pretty pleased to see their work was all done! Prior to this vacation, we were so excited because we had heard how wonderful Panama City Beaches are and how they were rated as the most beautiful. The beaches are beautiful, when they are clean! To be honest, I came across this website while investigating cleaner beaches for our next vacation. I couldn’t believe that THESE were the same beaches which were given such a high rating. Please do what you can to get people involved. It really doesn’t take that much time and it is SO worth the effort. If a couple lowly vacationers can take an hour out of our limited vacation time to do some much needed cleaning, surely neighbors to the beach would also be willing. Your beaches are beautiful and I would love to come back again! P.S. If we do come again, my family and I will definitely do our part!

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