Thank you ASU and ECU!

Kirk   March 17, 2008   1 Comment on Thank you ASU and ECU!

As you can see in the photo, you were missed this weekend!

The 28 student volunteers and leaders who visited our beach last week made what should be a great impact in our community and on the image of Panama City Beach.

Only the lack of attention and follow-through by the community and business leaders would result in a wasted effort.

These brainiacs and civil servants came up with the following ideas and actions they will take:

1. Will write to the corporations who handed out samples, brochures and any other material that eventually became trash in the sand.

2. Will write our community leaders to ask for their help in preventing trash on the beach.

3. Wants more signage and enforcement of litter laws.

4. Wants bags available at the public beach entrances and at the hotel/condo lounges (beach services).

5. MTV and other companies denied permits to be on the beach unless they provide complete prevention and pickup.

6. No glass or Styrofoam allowed on sand.

7. Have manned recycling stations where students can cash in their recyclables for shirts, sunscreen, hats, or even cash.

8. Ensure that volunteers have “Volunteer” on their shirts so the other students don’t think that trash pickup is a free service.

9. Get the local schools involved to keep the beach clean as a part of their physical fitness program. (Picking up trash for 4 hours in the sand IS A WORKOUT!)
10. Will keep up with the information provided by the Surfrider Foundation, and hopefully see our beach one day with no trash in the sand.
Again, students and team leaders, I can’t thank you enough for your effort and ideas.

One thought on “Thank you ASU and ECU!

  1. lisa anderson

    I am angered at these photos!
    It is sad that these kids do not care!
    How about finding out where the Spring Breakers are from and sending photos to the University: Dean of Students, student publications, University Ecology Club, University President…

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