What’s wrong with Destin?

Kirk   June 13, 2007   Comments Off on What’s wrong with Destin?

I’ve heard several times since I started the Working Billboards project last summer that “We don’t want to become another Destin.” Most recently, I read that the new mayor of Panama City said it when he became elected last month. (He’s not the beach mayor… what’s he worried about?)

Anyway, when I go to Destin, I see:

  • excited tourists, mostly from within driving distance, mostly from Metro Atlanta.
  • crowds. period.
  • expensive cars.
  • nice shops and restaurants.
  • money.

What’s wrong with any of that? In comparison, I drive PCB and see moderate crowds at best, a lot of hootin’ and hollerin’, and a dollar store or head shop every 100 yards.

Please someone, tell me, what’s wrong with trying to be more like Destin when it comes to having a clean image and attracting more money to our county’s economy?